The Society of Cretan Historical Studies (SCHS) was founded on 7th October 1951, with the aim of “supporting and promoting Cretan studies in the fields of archaeology, history, ethnography, language and literature from early Christian times onwards”.

The above aim is served via the following activities:

a) Founding and running the Historical Museum of Crete in Heraklion, and the Menelaos Parlamas Museum of Rural Life and Theano Metaxa-Kanakaki Weaving Collection, a branch museum in Piskopiano, Hersonsisos.
b) Holding temporary exhibitions, conferences and events.
c) Publishing works relating to Cretan studies.
d) Organizing educational programmes and activities.

The Historical Museum of Crete (HMC) was founded in 1953, charged with recording, preserving, documenting and promoting all forms of material evidence of Cretan history (artifacts, archive material etc.). HMC’s activities include: designing and holding permanent and temporary exhibitions; running educational programmes; organizing scholarly / cultural activities (lectures, film shows); collecting, recording and digitizing archive material.

In parallel with the above, since its foundation SCHS has carried out wide-ranging work to the benefit not only of historical monuments (e.g. the Basilica of St. Mark in Heraklion was restored at the Society’s expense), but also to the benefit of scholarly research, such as recording the unknown chapels of Crete and establishing the Cretan Place Name Archive, which includes 20,000 place names from all over the island.

With regard to promoting academic research, SCHS also has valuable work to its credit, via its publications and by hosting colloquia and conferences. The latter include the International Cretan Studies Congresses, which have become an institution of global renown.

The Society is governed by a seven-member board, elected by the General Assembly, consisting of the president, the vice-president, the secretary, the treasurer and three further members. The Board is comprised as follows:


Alexis Kalokerinos, Mayor of Heraklion, Professor, University of Crete


Claire Mitsotaki, Author

General Secretary

Lena Tzedaki-Apostolaki, Philologist, Historian, Honorary School Counsellor


Argyri Galenianou, Economist


Eva Grammatikaki, Archaeologist, Honorary Ephor of Antiquities

Georgia Moschovi, Archaeologist, Byzantinologist, former Head of the Department of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Antiquities and Museums, Lassithi Ephorate of Antiquities

Yorgos Nikolakakis, ret. Associate Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Crete